Bad trip on sativa?

Over new years I had a few friends over to have a few drinks and send out the year. One brought a pin and so I decided to take a hit, little did I know thats where my night would end. A few minutes after I took a hit I started feeling like I was in a dream, everything felt very weird and unnerving. I started to panic and my girlfriend noticed and helped me to my bedroom to calm down. I layed down and she said I started to go in and out of it, my eyes rolling back in my head and my whole body tensing up then going limp over and over.

All this was happening and I was hopeless along for the ride trapped in my head, I felt as if I had died and gone to hell. It felt like I was watching everything like a time-lapse video, everything was moving so fast I couldn’t keep up. Reliving moments that had just happened over and over again for what felt like an eternity. Like an actual eternity I figured I had actual died and this is what hell is like.

Even though everything was moving so quickly it also felt extremely slow like a snails pace. It was miserable, I was miserable it was one of if not the worst experiences of my life.

After I finally came too I still felt like I was actually out of it, it felt like I was still trapped and I was just imaging things were okay. It took a few days for me to feel normal, questioning if I was still unconscious laying on my bed dead and in hell or alive.

Thanks for reading. -S

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