Family Video store in Denison closing


Family Video store in Denison will be closing after 42 years in business.

Making it the latest chain to shut its doors because of the strain brought on by the pandemic.

David Carroll has been a customer at the Family Video store for the last ten years. He said the store always had the genre of movie he was looking for and the perfect video game selection.

“It’s going to be missed, it’s going to be missed because we come out here all the time and it’s always busy,” Carroll said. “I’m a big video game player but usually action. Anything with The Rock in it or Vin Diesel.”

Carroll said any time he was at the Family Video store it was always service with a smile.

“They’re usually nice. ‘Hey welcome to family video, how can we help you?’,” Carroll said.

The selection at this Texoma staple has been severely limited because of the pandemic. Jesseca Flanagan said their closing was due in part to the halting of movie productions in Hollywood because of pandemic-related safety concerns and it has cut their business profits by half.

They’ve seen a 40 percent drop in sales over the past year.

“They’ve moved releases to next year and a lot of movies are just going straight to streaming services so we’re not getting movies in at all and that hurt us a lot last year,” Flanagan said.

But Flanagan said the selection of movies and shows were perfect for people in rural parts of Texoma without cable or internet.

“We’ve got older movies, we’ve got newer movies and stuff like that so we’re definitely keeping the community entertained,” Flanagan said.

Flanagan said a lot of their regular customers were disappointed to hear the news that the store was closing.

“They’re sad to see us go they’ve been with us for years. It’s never been a short connection with them. It’s been here since they’ve been here,” Flanagan said.

All movies and video games are on sale at a fraction of their original cost.

There are only 250 Family Video stores left in the United States and the Denison location serves much more than just customers’ entertainment needs.

Brandon Brode has been a customer for the last two years. He says the store’s selection of CBD products help him deal with his pain, and if need be, help save his life.

“My back is in really bad shape and also I have seizures,” Brode said. “I’ve been coming here ever since I found out they had CBD here for sale.”

Brode lives only “a hop, skip and a jump” away from the store and said in the event of a seizure CBD oils “could stop it right in its place.”

Flanagan said what made working at the store special was the communication with customers and finding out if you had similar movie tastes.

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