Liberals deny trolling Barron Trump at RNC: ‘How can anyone hate a roblox playing, K-pop loving …

Liberals deny trolling Barron Trump at RNC: 'How can anyone hate a roblox playing, K-pop loving ...

As soon as the final night of the Republican National Convention ended, both the supporters as well as opposers of President Donald Trump took to social media to give their opinions on various members of his family who made an appearance on the important night. And among those being discussed was Barron Trump, the POTUS’ youngest son.

When the 14-year-old’s name started trending on Twitter, the conservatives just took it for granted that it was for the wrong reason and accused the liberals of trolling the teen. However, as it stands out, the left-wing supporters were only expressing their awe at Barron growing up to be so tall at his age and an overwhelming number of comments on his height was the reason behind his name trending on social media.

Here are some of the comments by the Republicans:

“As expected.. the disgusting attacks on Barron Trump have started. Good thing he’s got a strong structure around him so he’ll be shielded from this BS. There’s something wrong with political left constantly attacking this child.”

“Barron Trump is 14. Please leave him out of your attacks on the Trump family.”

“Liberals are trolling against Barron Trump. You know it, Democrats are only good at mudslinging and maligning the Trump family, because they don’t have something good to offer.”

People who were critical of the president defended themselves against these accusations by claiming that the charges against them were baseless as Barron’s height was always something that amazed people on the rare occasions that he was spotted in the public out with his family as it was unusual for a 14-year-old to grow taller than his dad, especially when it was Trump who was 6′ 3” himself.

The following are some reactions from the liberals:

“Why do trump supporters think we hate barron trump? how can anyone hate a roblox playing, kpop loving 14 year old? im just waiting for him to have his zuko moment,” said one explaining why the teen was trending.

“Why are y’all so pressed about Us calling Barron Trump Tall? I mean s**t we can even compliment him without being attacked good lord,” asked another.

“R: ‘Liberals are horrible people who talk about Barron Trump even though he’s 14!’ D: ‘Bro, Barron Trump is like six feet, he’s awesome. Imagine if he went into basketball omg’,” defended another.

“Y’all trippin we’re not hating on barron trump we’re saying he’s tall as f**k like chill out,” said one laying out the facts.

“The comments I’ve seen about Barron Trump tonight have mostly been saying that he should get a basketball scholarship, and that they think he will turn out to be a good person. Meanwhile, you apparently have no problem attacking children and calling them brats yourself. You,” another social media user said slamming the hate coming their way.

Meanwhile, another just wished they got to meet the teen someday. “I hope I get to meet Barron Trump some day. I’d ask him, “how’s the weather up there?” Sorry if that offends MAGAts. Short people like me just really admire tall people.”

A puzzled social media user called out the haters saying: “Twitter Comment: Barron Trump is so tall omg. Trump Supporter: HOW DARE YOU ATTACK A 14 YEAR OLD! Everyone Else: Bruh what?”

“People are talking about how tall Barron Trump is and saying he should get a scholarship, and the right is mad?? the snowflakery”

Stating the ‘obvious’ another said: “Oh grow up, the political left is not attacking this child. Barron Trump IS tall. It’s a fact, not a judgement. He’s unusually tall for a 14 year-old. That’s not partisan, it’s obvious.”

“Wow, Barron Trump is really tall. #MAGA’s: ‘You leave him alone baby killers.'”

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