Mom ate weed brownie by accident, need advice pls?

So anyways, I left some pot brownies in my car and of course my mom didn’t think twice to see if they were regular or pot brownies and ate one. About an hour after I get a call from her asking if they were regular or pot brownies. I said they were absolutely pot brownies which is why I left them in my car, so no one would consume them by accident. Now she’s freaking out because she she is employed under a union with random drug testing and thinks the worst is going to happen. My friends made the brownies so I’m not worried that there’s any other substance in them, I was just hoping someone could give us some information on how long it will stay in her system and maybe ways to detox from their own experience? I don’t know much when it comes to stuff like this. If it helps, she hasn’t smoked marijuana in at least 20+ years. Thank you in advance!

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