Stacking and layering with rings

Get the shine back into your style with our Pandora Care Kit featuring a gentle cleaner, polishing cloth and a brush to clean any hard-to-reach spots. Our solution can be used on all different types of metal jewelry — no matter if your pieces feature stones, pearls or enamel. The only exceptions are textile, leather and oxidized pieces.

Over time, sterling silver jewelry can tarnish and turn black. Some sterling silver pieces come complete with an oxidized look, but If it’s not part of the style of your jewelry, you’re going to want to remove it.

Lower your pieces into the solution and let them soak for a couple minutes. Use the small brush to remove any excess dirt and grime. Rinse your pieces in clean water and pat them dry. Then, they’re ready to be polished! Remember to use the white side of the cloth for sterling silver jewelry and the pink side for plated jewelry.

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