Study Shows Cannabis Could Help People Quit IV Opiate Use

Recent data published in the American Journal of Public Health shows that those who use cannabis are more likely to be able to quit injectable opioids.

The study was carried out by a team of Canadian researchers through the British Columbia Centre on Substance Use. The team of researchers looked at how cannabis consumption relates to IV drug use using a subject pool of 2,000 participants to see if there was a connection between daily cannabis use and getting off of IV opiates.

The study revealed that cannabis use was associated with faster rates of participants being able to cease opiate injection, and also that adding cannabis into the mix didn’t increase a chance of relapse for daily users. This is a big deal because, while many studies have shown that cannabis can help with quitting opiates, those studies have usually focused on those who use opiates for pain, not those who inject opiates recreationally. They also tend to focus on cannabis as a substitute for opiates, not a way to quit addictive drugs. The study looks beyond the community of pain patients to see how cannabis could benefit street-drug users of opiates.

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