The Boston Weed Party or The Green Weed Deal

How U.S citizens could force Marijuana Legalization by the Federal GovernmentIf there is one thing corona virus has made blatantly clear is the bipartisan corruption on the Hill. It is very obvious these elected officials are only loyal to the lobbyists, with the deepest pockets, and not the overwhelming support of U.S constituents as a whole.

Because things in Washington move at a snails pace, it seems we the people have just decided that everything must be voted on and go through Washington.

Absolutely NOT! We outnumber these few hundred assholes( by the millions) that run this country. The worse part is, we “the people” fund them to treat us like shit, and ignore OUR wishes.It is time to remedy this problem by taking the power back from the few, and forcing our government to bend to our will.

This will be no easy task and will require great organization and collaboration from people across the US. The intention is to garner public support and make the Idea publicly known, and main stream media has no choice but cover the “people’s Intent”.

We are going to send Washington and all the politicians on the Hill a clear message. ”Legalization” not “Decriminalization”

By December 2019 there were an estimated 7,490 dispensaries across the US. All of these dispensaries paid an effective tax rate of 90-100% since there is no federal deduction allowed. The same tax rate is applied to any cannabis business, that physically touches cannabis.

Growers, extraction companies, edible manufactures, bottling companies, and other processors not mentioned.

Here is a very small data slice from cannabis sales 2020.

(State) (Number Of Cannabis Businesses (estimated) (Total Sales (estimated) Tax Revenue (state) California 5400 $5,000,000,000.00 $1,000,000,000.00 Colorado 2200 $2,000,000,000.00Illinois ? $1,000,000,000.00Nevada ? $625,000,000.00Oregon 2380 $150,000,000.00 $1,110,520,723.00 Washington State 2250 $468,000,000.00 $1,250,000,000.00Finding 100% complete accurate data is really hard when many figures are not published, or are out of date, because of how fast the data and statistics are changing.This small data slice is meant to give you an idea of just how much tax money is being collected by State, so how much Tax revenue is the Federal Government collecting?

I see a great opportunity to start a Petition against the federal government.Here is how the petition would work and the actions that can be used to force the Federal Government to act.EVERY cannabis businesses in the United States vows to pay their share of Federal Income Tax to their respective state.

This means they will still pay the Federal Effective Tax rate 90-100%, but to the State, not the FED’s. State petitions will be signed by businesses and residents alike demanding that states not forfeit any Cannabis Federal Tax money to the Feds.

All of the additional money will be used for State programs, homeless shelters, Meals on wheels, schools, etc.

Any attempt to refund these federal taxes to the filers will be seen as forfeiture and non compliance by said state. Any state not willing to comply with the constituents demands, will not receive any additional cannabis tax dollars state, or federal, until compliance is met.How do we protect the businesses and people who participate, from Federal scrutiny and threat?

By collecting verified data, but releasing our petition data to the feds as anonymous.Verified FormCannabis Businesses Name ______________________________Businesses Type: _______________________Estimated Federal Tax: $____________________State: ____________________________________Phone & Email _____________________________

What the federal government sees

Petition Number (1)

Cannabis Businesses Name (Anonymous Cannabis Businesses)

Businesses Type: Grower

Estimated Federal Tax: $ 350,000

State: California Cannabis

Petition Number (7804)

Businesses Name (Anonymous Cannabis Businesses) Businesses

Type: Processor

Estimated Federal Tax: $ 750,000

State: Washington

Petition Number (30,458)Cannabis Businesses Name (Anonymous Cannabis Businesses)

Businesses Type: Dispensary

Estimated Federal Tax: $ 750,000

State: Illinois Cannabis

Petition Number (35,000)

Businesses Name (Anonymous Cannabis Businesses)

Businesses Type: Grower

Estimated Federal Tax: $ 350,000

State: Arizona

Gaining support would be as easy as just getting the word out.     
  1. Posts across all social media

  2. Marijuana influencer’s tweeting and posting videos

  3. Jimmy Dore

  4. Snoop Dogg

  5. Willie Nelson

  6. Dope As Yola

  7. Joe Rogan

  8. Josh Wolf, and any other well known person willing to get help and support the cause.

  9. Large organized smoke out’s on capital lawns in Illegal states

We don’t have to break any laws but, we need to tell these fuckers we run the Government with our Tax dollars NOT THEM!They have no problem with Government Shut Downs and other senseless shit that affects “The People”, but doesn’t hurt these conceited assholes one iota.It’s time to use “The Peoples” federal tax dollars and put these assholes and their lobbyists in their place!

If you agree with this post please share, and email Jimmy Dore, he is just the person to get this off the ground.

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